Prayer Notes

We have all been exposed to pain.  Be it the betrayal of a friend, the loss of a love one, or some other tragic event.  The key is not to allow tragedy to drive us to bitterness.  Bitterness is poison to the body and the mind.  You cannot move beyond the situation if you allow it to cause you to walk in bitterness.  The first step is recognizing that you are indeed bitter about what you went through.  The next is to find a place of forgiveness be it towards another person, yourself or maybe even if you feel wronged by God (as Naomi did).  God is incapable of sin but sometimes in our grief we fail to identify the actual source of our pain (typically the enemy or our own choices).  The key is to forgive whomever you feel you need to forgive to let go of the bitterness.  Finally, refill that place of bitterness with prayer, praise and worship.  Seek The Lord for healing, restoration and peace and remember that there is nothing He can’t bring you through….